Diode Láser Academic Cours 800 – 820 nm

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Diode Láser Academic Cours 800 – 820 nm


The Diode Laser is a machine of extraordinary precision with small diodes and semiconductors that all together form a beam of light.
The Diode Laser is especially recommended for large body parts, such as the back or chest. Therefore, it is a type of laser especially recommended for men and ideal for women.


This course is aimed at aesthetic professionals, as well as those interested in acquiring the basic knowledge and skills to develop the treatment.

Our fundamental objective is to teach you to identify what power you should apply to each patient according to their condition and skin type so that you can perform safe and effective treatments and retain your clientele, avoiding problems derived from a bad laser application.

In addition, we will teach you different work protocols to optimize your time to the maximum in order to make each session profitable.

Laser therapies are constantly evolving, so they demand a continuous updating of knowledge in order to perform an effective exercise and avoid the aforementioned incidents, proper to an incorrect application and misinformation.



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